ECY Pre-school Program

The 'Early Childhood Years' or ECY as we call it for brevity, is a dedicated and well-researched program, specifically for the first three years of Pre-Schooling. The program is based on vision, principles and recommendations that emerge from the 'QualityKG Standards of Pre-School Accreditation'. In the process of ECY program design, inputs and contributions from researchers, accreditors, educators, parents and Pre-School leaders have been assimilated, embedded and prescribed.

The ECY Program is in general, designed keeping young learners around the world as the focus and more specifically for age groups ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 years or around. The ECY Program is delivered in 3 phases (more specifically ECY 1, 2 and 3) mapping the international requirements and standards for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and KG classes (or similar nomenclature as the case may be, one country to another).

The ECY Program aims to create a formidable foundation and interest in learning while focusing on developing the individual skills and interests of every young learner. The ECY Program also enables the child to experience a smooth transition to the formal structure and demands of further school education.

2.5 - 3.5 years 3.5 - 4.5 years 4.5 - 5.5 years