How to Register for your school with QualityKG

QualityKG is dedicated to the improvement of Early-Childhood Education. If you are interested in knowing, how you could possibly Register for your Pre-School with QualityKG, we would be keen to advise you on possible ways of associating with us.

If you are an existing Pre-School (or a Pre-School/junior wing attached to an existing K-12 school) then you must Register on QualityKG website and start preparing for QualityKG accreditation process. You may if you need further assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us and speak to our Pre-School Counsellors over phone and mails. We shall be happy to guide you on the accreditation process.

Once your Pre-School is awarded accreditation by QualityKG, you may also go ahead and opt for QualityKG ECY (Early Childhood Years) or QualityKG Full-Day Program. Both these programs will enable you to operate your Pre-School at par or above the internationally prescribed level and guidelines for Pre-Schools. QualityKG will provide you with a multitude of resources for either of the programs that you opt for. These resources will include books, tutorials, activities, teacher-resources, school-leadership resources and teaching aids among others. This will enable you to concentrate on your vision of growing your Pre-School in a suitable and sustainable manner, while we provide you the backbone and support for many of your Pre-School's daily and routine requirements.

If you want to start a new Pre-School, you are at the right place. QualityKG is endeavored to support your vision of starting an international-level accredited Pre-School. A new QualityKG Pre-School may opt for any of the two programs mentioned above. Please feel free to contact us on our email id [email protected], so that we may guide you further.

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