Our Experience

The QualityKG leadership and management comprises of educators, accreditation experts, academicians and Pre-School-management specialists. The team has vast and global experience in varied fields of education, especially in K-12 and ‘Early-Childhood’ Education. The major areas of expertise of QualityKG leadership, pertinent to Pre-Schools, included among others are:

  • Curriculum Design and Improvement
  • Academic Delivery Management
  • Pre-School Improvement Protocols
  • Accreditation and Pre-School Management
  • Teacher Training
  • Technology Enablement & Upgradation
  • Parenting
  • Pre-School Stakeholder Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Support

QualityKG team bring together years and areas of experience, collaborating and presenting them in the form of global-quality standards for Pre-School accreditation. They have also done vast primary and secondary research localized to the particular challenges of various cultures, communities and geographies. It is this rich mix of global and local flavors that will guide QualityKG’s vision and mission of delivering the best to Pre-Schools around the world.