Frequently Asked Questions

It is the responsibility of QualityKG to educate and inform you about our nature and scope of work. Keeping the same in mind, we have made a short docket of the most important questions that some of the Pre-School leaders, teachers and parents asked us during our initial research. Let us take you through those now, and address each of them to build your understanding and convenience.

Answer 1: Accreditation is an award or stamp of excellence that is awarded by an independent, third-party organization when a Pre-School proves that it continuously maintains high standards of quality. To earn accreditation, a Pre-School goes through a rigorous evaluation process. During the process, the Pre-School validates that it meets standards of excellence that go above and beyond the average norms and practice. Hence, accreditation is awarded to those Pre-Schools that are among the best in their field of work.

Answer 2: When a Pre-School is accredited, its entire spectrum of operations and academics are evaluated. The process of accreditation demands verification of the effectiveness of every practice and process of a Pre-School. This implies that the process itself is the greatest experience of self-assessment and self-correction for a Pre-School and its stakeholders (school leaders, academic and non-academic staff, parents and students) Accreditation lets the whole world know that your Pre-School is one of quality. Accreditation is a seal that validates, 'Pre-School leader excels in every domain'. It also means that you are a visionary who is ahead of time. Additionally, accreditation attracts more students, more staff and hence more success. It helps to ensure and promote self-sustainable growth of a Pre-School.

Answer 3: We are a unique and dedicated Pre-School accreditation organization, that introduce, prosper and sustain quality-control and development mechanism in Pre-Schools and 'early-childhood education' centers. We bring together the best global practices in the field of Pre-School education and assimilate them under one umbrella, to deliver the best for you, your little students, their parents and your other resources. QualityKG evaluates and improves your Pre-School on the basis of 10 well researched standards, 38 indicators and over 200 observations.

Answer 4: "A great Pre-School, disciplined staff and well-managed system, shining and laughing children, happy and satisfied parents, impeccable reputation and more admissions..." is exactly how one of our associates defines our advantages. You may choose any of the above reasons or others, and QualityKG accreditation will have a positive contribution to it. Additionally, benefits of QualityKG Accreditation include, however not limited to the following:

  • QualityKG Accreditation is a universal concept and our standards have been designed through global research and active contribution from international experts
  • QualityKG Accreditation provides your Pre-School with useful knowledge on the best early childhood practices followed across the globe
  • QualityKG Accreditation is an ongoing process that keeps your Pre-School on the path of consistent improvement
  • Accreditation stamp from a global organization would add glory to your Pre-School
  • QualityKG Accreditation displays to the world that your Pre-School is actually delivering what it has promised
  • QualityKG Accreditation implies that your Pre-School is running on the best international quality standards and is above its peers on quality specifications
  • QualityKG Accreditation is a unique accreditation as it supports your Pre-School with various programs, modules, trainings, activities for consistent improvement
  • QualityKG Accreditation would enable your Pre-School to become self-dependent in a few years. To cite an example, QualityKG supports your Pre-School with 'Pre-School Improvement Plan'. After accreditation your Pre-School starts to become a self-sustainable ecosystem
  • By investing time and effort, your Pre-School can benefit academically, socially and financially with QualityKG Accreditation

Answer 5:

Registration : Register for your Pre-School on QualityKG website or request for Pre-School Counsellor Visit. She/he would assist you in registering.

Readiness Diagnosis : Fill up the Readiness Diagnostic form available on QualityKG website.

Accreditation Visit : QualityKG assessors team visits your Pre-School after Readiness Diagnostic Report generation.

Certification : Accreditation Certificate is awarded to your Pre-School.

To proceed and commence the process of QualityKG accreditation, register online here. If you need any assistance, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] for further guidance. A Registration Fee of US $100.00 applies to your Pre-School if your Pre-School is in USA. For fee structure in other countries, kindly contact the respective QualityKG Country Representative or write to us at [email protected].

The next step is to fill 'Readiness Diagnostic Form' available on QualityKG website. The Readiness Diagnostic form seeks basic details about your Pre-School. Once you submit this form, you would receive a confirmation call and an email. Within 96 hours of the form submission, QualityKG would generate Readiness Diagnostic Report for your Pre-School.

Our team of experts would evaluate the Readiness Diagnostic Report according to the QualityKG standards. You would receive a confirmation call and an email with a detailed Readiness Report confirming accreditation to your Pre-School. In case of unreadiness, our Pre-School Counsellor would advise you on future footprints of improvement and requalification.

QualityKG team would provide you with comprehensive support for the next step of paramount importance, the' Accreditation Visit'. We would handhold your Pre-School and prepare you for QualityKG Accreditation. To know the available dates for Accreditation Visit, you may kindly go to ( You would be able to schedule the Accreditation Visit for your Pre-School within 45* days from the date of registration. (* The dates may vary under rare unavoidable circumstances)

QualityKG team of certified and experienced assessors would conduct 'Accreditation Visit'. They would evaluate your Pre-School according to the QualityKG Accreditation standards. After the visit, they would generate a comprehensive Readiness Report, which would reach you between 7 to 15 working days.

QualityKG Accreditation Certificate would be awarded to your Pre-School. Once the QualityKG Accreditation is awarded, it is valid for 5 years. Your Pre-School will have to adhere to the QualityKG standards and conditions for accreditation.

Answer 6: QualityKG team of expert, certified and highly experienced assessors visit your Pre-School to evaluate the Pre-School on QualityKG Accreditation standards. The team members assess the readiness level of the Pre-School for QualityKG Accreditation, followed by Readiness Report generation.

Answer 7: QualityKG team of qualified and experienced assessors visit Pre-Schools for 'Accreditation Visit'. The assessors are trained and certified on QualityKG standards.

Answer 8: Yes, QualityKG Pre-School Counsellor would visit and assist you with the entire process and prerequisites of accreditation. He/she would help you with your login ID and password generation. He/she would guide you about filling up the 'Readiness Diagnostic Form'. QualityKG would provide you with a trained assessor before the Accreditation Visit, if needed. We would be constantly connected with you through email and phone.

Answer 9: Standards of QualityKG Accreditation are:

Standard 1: Interpersonal Association
Standard 2: Instructional Methodology
Standard 3: Curriculum
Standard 4: Assessment of Child Learning and Development
Standard 5: Academic Staff
Standard 6: Participation of Families
Standard 7: Community Involvement
Standard 8: Health, Wellness and Safety
Standard 9: Infrastructure and Environment
Standard 10: Governance and Leadership

Answer 10: Once the QualityKG Accreditation is awarded, it is valid for 5 years. Your Pre-School will have to adhere to the QualityKG standards and conditions for accreditation.

Answer 11: The entire process from Registration to accreditation does not generally extend beyond 60 days.

Answer 12: Registering for QualityKG Accreditation is a very simple process. You can initiate the Registration on your own through QualityKG website.

1. Sign up for QualityKG Accreditation

2. Make your profile

3. Register for your Pre-School

Once you have registered, you would receive a 'Welcome Call' followed by an email. You can email us at [email protected] for Pre-School counselors for any further assistance.

Answer 13: To sign up with QualityKG, please visit and click on the 'Register with us' tab present on the right top corner. Fill the 'Registration Form'. You would receive a verification email mail/message on the email ID provided by you in the 'Registration Form'. Once all your details are verified, you would receive a welcome call from QualityKG. The QualityKG team would provide you with your user ID and password. If you need any assistance, you may please feel free to contact QualityKG at [email protected].

Answer 14: Kindly check the below mentioned link to get information on dates available for Accreditation Visit :

Answer 15: QualityKG Accreditation is a prestigious certification that has to be earned after a rigorous evaluation. Your Pre-School has to go through the complete accreditation process. Nobody can buy QualityKG Accreditation under any circumstances whatsoever.

Answer 16: To begin with, your Pre-School would be among the chosen few that attain this American accreditation. It means that your Pre-School has already achieved the most important goal of building a reputation.

In addition to the above, we would also provide your Pre-School with the following:

1. Teachers and leadership workshops

2. Dedicated Training programs

3. Branding and localized promotion support

4. Teacher Orientation program

5. Stationery and Material support

6. Dedicated database management systems

7. Record-Maintenance Facilities

8. Parent Orientation support

The above are just some of the benefits of being a QualityKG accredited Pre-School. The list is evolving and consistently improving. We believe in giving the best to our accredited Pre-Schools so that they can further deliver the best to children and parents.

Answer 17: Parents take pride in sending their children to a QualityKG accredited Pre-School as they are assured of a happy, bright and joyous environment. They want their children to get the best learning experience. QualityKG Accredited Pre-Schools encourage parents' involvement in their children's learning progress through various activities, seminars, open-houses etc.

Answer 18: QualityKG Accreditation provides children with harmonious educational ecosystem. Children in your Pre-School would have a happy, bright and joyous learning experience. QualityKG Accreditation focuses on children's need to develop social, emotional, physical and linguistic skills during early years of education.

Answer 19: Yes, QualityKG would provide your Pre-School with seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, webinars, boot camps, materials and leaflets to ensure consistent delivery of latest updates. QualityKG endeavors to give comprehensive support to your Pre-School.

Answer 20: QualityKG would support your standalone Pre-School with effective diagnostic tools, Pre-School Improvement Plan, teacher training programs etc. We would be connected to you through email, phone and personal association.

Answer 21: Yes, QualityKG handholds Pre-Schools from scratch and continues the support system. QualityKG team works consistently with the Pre-Schools to improve different verticals including infrastructure, manpower, training, managing day-to-day operations and marketing.

Answer 22: Yes, if required, you can request for additional training modules. QualityKG conducts TNI (Training Need Identification) for Pre-Schools. Based on the results, QualityKG provides Pre-Schools with Teacher-Training Modules, Parent-Orientation Modules and Pre-School 'Conditioning Modules' in pertinence with individualized needs of Pre-Schools.

Answer 23: QualityKG strongly believes that the Principal/leader of a Pre-School needs sufficient time and resources for self-reflection. QualityKG keeps organizing events/seminars for the empowerment of Pre-School Principals/leaders through multiple Leadership Training Modules enabling them upgrade their professional well-being.

Answer 24: QualityKG understands that the academic staff is the lifeline for any educational Pre-School, especially for a Pre-School. QualityKG ensures not only a comfortable yet challenging environment for academic staff, however it provides academic staff with ample conditioning opportunities through mentorship/coaching and multiple Teacher Training Modules.

Answer 25: Staff retention is one of the major issues encountered by Pre-Schools. QualityKG Pre-Schools provide academic staff with sufficient opportunities to explore, experiment and achieve expertise. QualityKG Pre-Schools engage academic staff in continuous individualized professional improvement processes. Academic staff is also provided with certification on training. QualityKG standardized accreditation helps Pre-Schools in improving working conditions that result in high rate of academic staff retention. Also, dedicated training material is available if needed by your staff.

Answer 26: Yes, QualityKG Pre-Schools organize Pre-School Conditioning sessions on regular intervals to ensure its smooth administration. The Pre-Schools are regularly informed about the latest updates.

Answer 27: QualityKG believes that parents are one of the most significant integral stakeholders for any educational Pre-School. QualityKG Pre-Schools engage parents in various activities, events, seminars and open houses to ensure their involvement in their children's learning progress. Parents are provided with various Parenting Modules.

Answer 28: Academic Staff promotes a positive environment by treating all children with equality regardless of age, gender, religion, race, socioeconomic background, language and culture. Academic Staff acknowledges and praise children’s efforts. Also, Academic Staff appropriately alters their response towards children in accordance with individual needs.

Answer 29: Teachers with relevant qualification and expertise are recruited by QualityKG Pre-Schools to promote, communicate and achieve the purpose of the program. These teachers possess qualities like empathy, patience, enthusiasm, respect, sincerity and discipline. QualityKG Pre-Schools prescribe that the teachers treat all children with equality and give undivided attention, affection and care. Above all, the teachers participate in multiple training sessions to upgrade their competencies and skills.

Answer 30: Pre-Schoolers are so young that they at times are unable to express their feelings and needs. QualityKG Pre-School staff understands their body language and respond immediately. They are equipped with multiple tools that address the individual needs of children. They show love, care and affection towards children prominently to ensure their comfort.

Answer 31: QualityKG trains and encourages Pre-School academic staff to develop customized learning opportunities for children based on their interests, capabilities and skills. They allow children to do prolonged activities if they show interest in them. QualityKG Pre-Schools are child-centric where classroom activities are based on children's interests and not on pre-decided topics/concepts.

Answer 32: Overall development in children is assessed through varied assessments conducted at regular intervals through observations, checklists, rating scales, and individually administered tests.

Answer 33: QualityKG Pre-Schools strongly believe in the significance of the parent's role in early childhood education. QualityKG recommends Pre-Schools to engage parents through various methods like open houses, events/seminars and activities, parenting modules and parents orientation sessions. Also, parents are encouraged to participate in children's assessment system by sharing their experiences, views and ideas.

Answer 34: QualityKG Pre-School academic staff ensures that the parents are regularly communicated about the learning progress of their children. The academic staff encourages parents to share their views, ideas, apprehensions and concerns to ensure effective learning experience for children.

Answer 35: QualityKG encourages Pre-Schools to maintain cleanliness/hygiene and create a pre-defined process in case of emergencies and hazards.

Answer 36: Yes, QualityKG framework ensures that the academic staff provide children with sufficient opportunities to deduce and enhance their learning experience. Children are encouraged to try new methods and concepts to broaden their horizons of knowledge.

Answer 37: Yes, QualityKG staff prepare children for transition from Pre-School to formal School and also provide the parents with required documents mentioning information about their children.

For further assistance, please feel free to mail [email protected] for our Pre-School Counsellors. You may also request for a Pre-School Counsellor visit and get in-depth information on QualityKG Accreditation.

Answer 38: Fee structure for QualityKG Accreditation

Pre-Schools in USA
Registration Fee- US $100.00 (One Time)
Annual Dues- US $500.00 (Every Year)

For fee structure in other countries, kindly contact the respective QualityKG Country Representative or write to us at [email protected]

Kindly note that all the expenses related to Pre-School accreditation including those for airfare, boarding/hotel, food and local logistics are borne by the respective Pre-School seeking QualityKG accreditation.

QualityKG has a very strict and well-documented policy regarding the behavior and conduct of the members of 'Accreditation Visit' team, with respect to the expenses approved for them. All QualityKG representatives follow this policy. QualityKG believes in being ethical, transparent and communicative with all stakeholders.