Dear Pre-School Leader,

What a sincere pleasure it is to write in thanks to you for devoting your time, efforts, and hopes to what may well be the most rewarding and important of all professional challenges, ensuring that each child begins "formal learning" in such a way as to ensure that child is a happy, successful, life-long learner. All beginnings are delicate times and there is no more important task than providing our communities with safe, caring, wonderful places where loving parents, often with anxiety balanced by hope, begin to entrust the care and futures of their children to you, our early childhood teachers and their administrators.

We at QualityKG are dedicated to providing your preschool community with caring, research-driven tools and expertise because our mission is simple: we wish to see that each child, each day enjoys educational excellence in the hands of compassionate, caring educators and we want to support teachers dedicated to helping each child to experience inspirational learning in a child-centered community of adult learners.

The English poet Shelly, in defending poets and their work in his essay "In Defense of Poetry" ended his "argument" with the exclamation, "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." Well, it is a romantic notion but with respect, I have always disagreed with his assertion. The actual "unacknowledged legislators of the world" are teachers and first among us are teachers and leaders who dedicate their lives to our youngest learners in Pre-School.

Let's re-dedicate ourselves to the dreams and hopes of parents and their children through a commitment to professional excellence and work together, day by day, child by child, to build a peaceful, wonderful tomorrow. Together, we can build a world-wide family of early childhood schools worthy of trust and full of promise.

Sincerely and with great appreciation,

Rob Leveillee, Ph.D.

QualityKG Chief Academic Officer.