Every child is special and unique to their parents. They treat her/him with utmost care, joy and attention. A Pre-School generally turns out to be the first regular experience of the outer world for a child. Parent, needless to say, are concerned about making their first experience, the best for their child. Their looking glass consciously or subconsciously chooses Pre-Schools with the environment, people and facilities that closely replicate their home and feel for their child.

When they leave their child for a few hours at the Pre-School facility, they pray, hope and wish that their greatest asset is always safe, healthy and happy. QualityKG framework is created with an active, honest and consistent contribution by hundreds of such parents. It includes answers to all their issues, apprehensions and aspirations with reference to replicating the 'ideal Pre-School' for their children. It is the central thought of QualityKG accreditation standards and practices, that a parent should feel happy while sending her/his child to a QualityKG Pre-School. QualityKG endeavors to create Pre-Schools, where the children are even happier than their own homes. That indeed is a dream and relief for every parent.