Registration : Register for your pre-school on QualityKG Website or submit an Enquiry Form.

On-Site Visit Preparation : Fill up the Self Assessment Form, provided after Registration.

On-Site Visit : QualityKG Assessors Team visits your pre-school after completion of all pre-visit formalities.

Awarding Accreditation : Accreditation Certificate is awarded to your pre-school.

To commence and proceed with the process of QualityKG accreditation, register online here . If you need any assistance, kindly send an enquiry here for further guidance. A team of academic and institutional experts evaluate the profile of the pre-school and understand it's possible synergy within QualityKG. The QualityKG Team will reply within 5 working days from the submission of the profile/enquiry.

After successfully submiting the Registration Fee, the pre-school has to mandatorily apply for the 'On-Site Visit'. While the On-Site Visit dates are finalized, the pre-school has to fill up the 'Self Assessment form', provided post Registration. The Self Assessment Form seeks basic details about your Pre-School, available for internal use of QualityKG officials only. In case the QualityKG Team believes that your Pre-School needs more preparation and improvement before becoming 'Ready' for accreditation, the Pre-School Counsellor would advise you on future footprints of improvement and requalification.

If the profile of pre-school is selected, QualityKG Team would provide you with comprehensive support for the next step of paramount importance, the On-Site Visit. QualityKG Team of certified and experienced assessors would conduct the visit and evaluate your Pre-School according to QualityKG Accreditation Standards. You would be informed of your 'Accredited' status by the end of the On-Site Visit (or in case your Pre-School is not considered fit for accreditation, you would be informed about the improvement-priorities).

All Pre-Schools that secure accreditation will be sent a formal 'Certificate of Accreditation'. Once QualityKG Accreditation is awarded, it has to be renewed every year after payment of Annual Renewal Fee. Your Pre-School will have to adhere to QualityKG standards and conditions for accreditation, to maintain its 'Accredited' status.