Application : Apply for your Pre-School on QualityKG website or request for Pre-School Counsellor Visit. She/he would assist you in applying.

Readiness Diagnosis : Fill up the Readiness Diagnostic form available on QualityKG website.

Accreditation Visit : QualityKG assessors team visits your Pre-School after Readiness Diagnostic Report generation.

Certification : Accreditation Certificate is awarded to your Pre-School at QualityKG Accreditation Certification Ceremony.

To proceed and commence the process of QualityKG accreditation, apply online here. If you need any assistance, kindly reach out to us at 011-45789020 and talk to one of our team members for guidance. An Application Fee of USD 100 applies to your Pre-School if your Pre-School is in USA or India. For other countries, an Application Fee of USD 300 is applicable. The Annual Dues for USA and India is USD 700 Pre-School, whereas for other countries is USD 1500.

The next step is to fill 'Readiness Diagnostic Form' available on QualityKG website. The Readiness Diagnostic form seeks basic details about your Pre-School. Once you submit this form, you would receive a confirmation call and an email. Within 96 hours of the form submission, QualityKG would generate Readiness Diagnostic Report for your Pre-School.

Our team of experts would evaluate the Readiness Diagnostic Report according to the QualityKG standards. You would receive a confirmation call and an email with a detailed Readiness Report confirming accreditation to your Pre-School. In case of unreadiness, our Pre-School Counsellor would advise you on future footprints of improvement and requalification.

QualityKG team would provide you with comprehensive support for the next step of paramount importance, the 'Accreditation Visit'. We would handhold your Pre-School and prepare you for QualityKG Accreditation. To know the available dates for Accreditation Visit, you may kindly go to ( You would be able to schedule the Accreditation Visit for your Pre-School within 45* days from the date of Application. (* The dates may vary under rare unavoidable circumstances)

QualityKG team of certified and experienced assessors would conduct 'Accreditation Visit'. They would evaluate your Pre-School according to the QualityKG Accreditation standards. After the visit, they would generate a comprehensive Readiness Report, which would reach you between 7 to 15 working days.

QualityKG Accreditation Certificate would be awarded to you at the QualityKG Certification Ceremony. Various educators, teachers and parents are invited to witness this one of its kind ceremony.

Once the QualityKG Accreditation is awarded, it is valid for 5 years. Your Pre-School will have to adhere to the QualityKG standards and conditions for accreditation.