QualityKG Nepal

QualityKG has established a strong initial foothold in Nepal with the introduction of QualityKG American Pre-School concept, handpicking a few 'chosen' preschools who want to consistently improve and perform at the global level of educational excellence. QualityKG American preschools are focused on providing a holistic and caring environment for little learners at their campuses. The preschool staff including the leadership are extremely dedicated and committed to the cause of 'student-centric' continuous and comprehensive improvement. They are working in close collaboration with QualityKG Nepal and Global teams to design the 'best' possible early-childhood learning atmosphere on their premises. QualityKG American Pre-Schools are supported and constantly upgraded with training, development and guidance thus embarking them on a journey to better their 'best' every single day. Parents, staff-members, leadership and QualityKG team are working continuously to provide customized and individualized development and growth to every child. QualityKG American Pre-Schools are listed here for public information and reference:

S.No. Name of the preschool Pre-school leader Contact Address
1 Kopila Cottage Pre-School Ms. Kumuda Upreti 484 Lamtangin Marg, Baluwatar Kathmandu
2 Graceland Montessori & Day Care Ms.Kamala Mukhiya Bansbari, Standard Nursary Lane, Dhapasi Marg

Owing to the interest of multiple preschools in embracing 'American' style standards of early childhood education, QualityKG has established a local office in Kathmandu. The QualityKG Nepal Office is supported by a team of trained, committed and motivated personnel. We support the preschools committed to the cause of continuous and comprehensive improvement. If you are the member or leader of one such preschool we welcome you to contact QualityKG Nepal Office at:

QualityKG Nepal Office (MIND Nepal)
Magargauda Galli, Chandol -4, Bishalnagar, Kathmandu-44600, Nepal
Email: nepal@qualitykg.com
Phone: +97714420920/+97714420940