Relevance for Pre-School

A great Pre-School, disciplined staff and well-managed system, shining and laughing children, happy and satisfied parents, impeccable reputation and more admissions, is exactly how one of our associates define our advantages. You may choose any of the above reasons or others, and QualityKG accreditation will have a positive contribution to it. Additionally, benefits of QualityKG Accreditation include, however are not limited to the following:

  • QualityKG Accreditation is a universal concept and our standards have been designed through global research and active contribution from international experts
  • QualityKG Accreditation provides your Pre-School with useful knowledge on the best early childhood practices followed across the globe
  • QualityKG Accreditation is an ongoing process that keeps your Pre-School on the path of consistent improvement
  • Accreditation stamp from a global organization would add glory to your Pre-School
  • QualityKG Accreditation displays to the world that your Pre-School is actually delivering what it has promised
  • QualityKG Accreditation implies that your Pre-School is running on the best international quality standards and is above its peers on certain quality specifications
  • QualityKG Accreditation is a unique accreditation as it supports your Pre-School with various programs, modules, training and activities for consistent improvement
  • QualityKG Accreditation would enable your Pre-School to become self-dependent in a few years. To cite an example, QualityKG supports your Pre-School with 'Pre-School Improvement Plan'. After accreditation, your Pre-School starts to become a self-sustainable ecosystem
  • By investing time and effort, your Pre-School can benefit academically, socially and financially with QualityKG Accreditation