Uniqueness of QualityKG

QualityKG is a unique platform that brings together pre-school, pre-school staff and parents to deliver the best in kindergarten education. The backbone of QualityKG is a formidable and sound outline of accreditation standards based on years of scientific research and academic experience. These accreditation standards are applied to deliver pre-school standardization and improvement services. This process of association with pre-schools helps in developing and installing a self-improvement protocol in pre-schools.

The very beauty of QualityKG is evident through its unique features. It is one single platform that empowers all pre-school stakeholders with the best global learning in early-childhood education. We share with your pre-school, the joy of developing it into a complete center of early-childhood education. We try to create small differences and improvements that together add up into an immense positive development. The entire QualityKG framework demonstrates four salient features. It is:

  1. Comprehensive: QualityKG strongly believes in collaboration of all school stakeholders
  2. Scientific: Research & practices define every element of QualityKG
  3. Relevant: QualityKG aims at transforming pre-schools into 'holistic development centers'
  4. Simple: QualityKG believes in keeping everything simple to understand and implement