Every little kid is a unique and divine entity, full of potential and promise. A kid picks up learning cues from every action and object around her. If one wants to learn how curiosity can be a pre-cursor to learning, one must observe a kid playing with a toy. This curiosity is very visible and apparent in the eyes, movement and sound of every kid. These early years of learning and development become the fundamental building blocks of every kid's personality. It is our vision to create an ideal environment that nurtures, prospers and strengthens these initial years. The primary sketch of our vision is drawn with the following outlines:

  • Creating a second home for kids through pre-schools, where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness
  • Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every kid
  • Imparting thorough knowledge to parents, about the total development of their kids
  • Educating and evolving all stakeholders associated with early-childhood education
  • Contributing in the larger vision of crafting a better and brighter future.


When we empower an individual with learning, we start a chain of learning. This individual transfers that learning to others around her/him through actions, speech and expressions. There can never be a better time to impart this learning, than when the learner can learn the best. This is indeed the pleasure of teaching a kid. The soft mind of the kid can be developed into an ecosystem of learning. Every little teaching and learning endeavor with the kid yields a whole new world of possibilities.

We at QualityKG strive to create a pool of impeccable pre-schools that practice and promote quality of learning. QualityKG handholds all centers of early-childhood education, through their entire journey of becoming centers of learning excellence. Our learning centers empower kids with traits such as leadership, confidence, self-belief, responsibility, compassion, empathy and integrity. QualityKG centers prepare kids to lead themselves before leading the world.

The larger vision at QualityKG is accomplished through the most basic and essential steps. These steps when embedded in our mission, appear in the following form and actions:

  • Providing a well-researched comprehensive framework of pre-school quality standards
  • Delivering consistent learning, support and development to pre-schools
  • Extending a common and interactive learning platform to all stakeholders in pre-schools
  • Combining best global practices of early-childhood education
  • Deploying dedicated resources for the sustained evolution of pre-schooling environment