About Us

"Let us Develop Every Little Child into a Happy and Complete Learner"

"I am a little child, that's what everyone tells me. I look at my mother and I see love and care in her eyes. I look at my father and I observe that he protects me. For me, the world lies in their lap. I play with toys and when I want to discover how the little toy-duck moves, I thrash it on the ground and break it. I am then told that I break everything. I found the toy is so fascinating that I wanted to know what was inside it. What else should I have done with it?

People around me are so conscious that I don't hurt myself. I am told how to walk, how to speak and how to conduct myself. When my little feet and legs gather strength I hold my mother's finger and start walking. Her beautiful hands feed me when I am hungry. How does she know when am I hungry?

I am a little bundle of joy for everyone around me. Everyone just seems to like me and love me. They find me very beautiful. My little curious eyes give them peace. When they see tears in my little eyes, they start running around to figure out what I want and need? And then, they give me a small spoon and a plate. I knock the spoon on the plate and it makes different sounds and then, I stop crying. The sound keeps me busy. I am so simple and easy to satisfy. How does everyone knows this secret?

I love the objects that are bright and vibrant. I want to touch and feel every little thing. When I am getting down from the bedside, my father runs for my help to ensure that I don't fall over. I am growing fast, and everyone wants me to know what is good and what is bad for me. How do they seem to know everything already that I'm supposed to know?

I am a little learner. I have learnt how to crawl, how to take the support of the wall and stand up. I have learnt to walk on my own because now I knew that I can. I have learnt how to eat, because I know what it feels to be hungry. I don't know the name of all the colors, but I know the colors that I like and I choose the things accordingly. I am indeed a little learner, and the most natural one. I don't lie, because I don't know what it is to lie. I try to tell you whatever you ask me. Don't I?

Give me everything and I will choose what I like. I am learning how to learn. Help me to learn, and I will teach you the most fundamental things in life. I will show you a new way of learning. That's what most of you around me have forgotten. You all seem to be teaching me. Give me the joy of learning, and I will give you back a better world tomorrow. I am right. Ain't I?"

It would have been so fascinating, if all of us understood what our little one wanted to convey to us. Every little curiosity in her/his eyes could have told us a new tale of possibilities. Small gestures and actions would have taught us so much more about her/him. Let's do this now, and let us do much more. Let us know the children around us a little better than what we do now. Let's look at them in a different manner, just letting them know that we welcome them to the world beyond their cradle. Let's promise ourselves that we will give them the best learning environment that we can. They grow only once, they will never be a child again. Let us give them QualityKG.

QualityKG is a unique research-based endeavor of some of the most prominent, active and responsible academicians from around the world. It brings together global experts from the field of early-childhood education. These experts have assimilated their lifetime-learning into this QualityKG platform. QualityKG aims to touch every little child by touching their parents, instructors and Pre-Schools. The QualityKG team of global visionaries, brings together an evolved and ever-evolving framework of early-childhood education. QualityKG aims to ensure that every child, every parent and every Pre-School achieves the best that is possible for them.