ECY Full-Day Program

ECY Full-Day Program is meant for Pre-Schools that operate through the major part of the day and have additional facilities (such as day-care, crèche etc.) besides the Pre-School. The ECY Full-Day Program includes additional guidelines that are relevant for such Early-Childhood Education centers.

A healthy, safe, stimulating and interesting after Pre-School environment provides young learners with the right mix of rest, interaction, care and affection. It helps to develop a greater sense of individuality in the child. It also promotes the development of physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of a child's personality. A well-structured Full-Day Program provides the liberty to parents to pace the child's learning and schedule in accordance with their own schedule, preferences and interests.

QualityKG Full-Day Program provides a formal structure to Pre-Schools that operate after Pre-School day care centers, so that they can operate above a prescribed minimum level of hygiene, safety and uniformity, that caters to the needs of every contemporary young learner.